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I have three large desktop computers in my office and four screens. I have two at home, one with a 55 inch screen. I have a laptop, an android, an iPad 3, a Kindle Fire, three other Kindles, innumerable iPods, 60 hard disks for backup. I don't do things by half. Yes, it is a sickness, but without the computer estate planning would not be nearly as sophisticated and efficient. I could live without it. I am proficient with Excel, Word, FileMaker Database programming, and WordMerge. I have been called a nerd, but I don't consider that a disparagement. Most professionals are somewhat compulsive; else they would never have graduated from law or medical school. Being compulsive about my craft makes me a better lawyer. That is the end of my rationalization.

2005 - Computers & Law Office Economics

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A feeble attempt by me to address the issue indicated by the title.

2002 - ACTEC; A Document Assembly System Using MS Word's Mail Merge Feature and a Database

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You don't really need a database. You can you a table with fieldnames in the first row, with the corresponding data in rows to follow. I enter a client's data in FileMaker Pro, which beats Access hands down for stability and ease of use. I apply the data to various layouts used as templates, and take full advantage of the relational power of this database, so that I have several databases accessing data from each other. Being me, my document assembly system is very complicated, but it doesn't have to be. I have just gotten good at it, and can program on the fly. Also, I seldom use commercial document assembly systems, because, though I have tried many, none is sufficiently sophisticated for the work I do. Buy WillMaker if you don't want to pay an attorney to craft a real estate plan for your family.

2000 - Computers in Your Practice Fin De Millenium

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A feeble attempt by me to address the issue indicated by the title.

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