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 “Estate planning is not just about taxes — it is also about family.”


"Droplets" — by Noel C. Ice

For 35+ years I have been helping families take care of themselves and their loved ones by prudently and efficiently planning for or overseeing the transfer of property during life or at death, at a reasonable cost, usually between $10,000 and $20,000, depending on the size of the estate and the complexity of the plan. In order that I might be more available to help existing clients, my practice is now confined to estate planning, probate, and dispute resolution, with a special emphasis on planning for clients with large death benefits under life insurance policies, IRAs or other retirement plans. The phrase “dispute resolution” is a broad one. It includes not only mediation, but representing a beneficiary of an estate or trust to make sure that the beneficiary is being treated fairly. “The more complicated the better.” I also am available as either a testifying or consulting expert in community property law, probate and estate planning.


My preference is to be thorough, and do whatever ideally needs to be done, preferably now rather than when it becomes too late. However, I know from experience that not everyone wants or can afford a plan that covers all the bases, and if you are willing to accept some risk, I can always do less work than what would be optimum. My fees are negotiable, and are meant to reflect value more than the actual time spent. I want the freedom, at my option, to spend whatever time is necessary, even if I don’t charge for it. For that reason, I have limited my practice in order that I may devote whatever time is necessary to do what you need done for yourself, your family, and your love ones, now and following your death.


I take estate planning seriously. It deserves time and attention, now, rather than later, when it may be too late. Careful planning saves money in the long-run, whether the work is done before or after death.

Board Certified: Estate Planning & Probate Law by

the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1983

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