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These articles deal with probate procedures and issues.

2014 – Significant Date List; An Automated Excel Worksheet

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I love what an Excel Spreadsheet can do to make our lives a little easier as Probate attorneys. I created this file some years ago, and am happy to share it here on my website. With a few pieces of key information, this Excel document will automatically populate significant filing dates and other pertinent information in probate matters. Please let me know if you have found it useful.

2011 – Drafting Where the Only Thing Certain is Change and Litigation

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This article was prepared for the 2011 State Bar of Texas Professional Development Program "Advanced Drafting for Estate Planning and Probate." It contains a number of specimen Will and Trust clauses, with comments to them, designed to minimized abusive litigation.

2008 - Nutshell Executor Fees Commissions

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I note that the law has recently changed, which requires an update to this Memo, which update will be completed shortly. In the meantime, it should still be useful.

2007 - Guide to the Personal Representative (PR) (or executor) on Paying Debts, Expenses & Taxes Existing at Death and During the Period of Administration

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2006 - Who Inherits If No Will Intestacy in Texas

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Here is a diagram that I have to refer to myself from time to time.


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